Participated in interiorlifestyle TOKYO 2014 !

interiorlifestyle TOKYO 2014

Timbre participated in interiorlifestyle TOKYO 2014.

Three new products are showcased this time.

A new designer has joined our team, and our product line-up increases gradually.


Although fewer visitors than expected were worried due to unlucky with the weather, there was any need to be worries.

A lot of visitors came to the booth seamlessly, and our booth was very crowded with visitors all the time.


interiorlifestyle TOKYO 2014|BellFlower

Especially, the new item “Bellflower” attracted women’s eye. Most of them said “How nice! What’s all this ?”

This is neither a wind-chime nor a mobile; this item changes the wind into as a part of your interior.


The design of Oto no Utsuwa designed by Yasuhiro Suzuki has a strong impact and attracted a lot of visitor’s attention.

interiorlifestyle TOKYO 2014|oto no utsuwa(kendama)ils14_06

Many visitors were amazed at the perfect performance of Kendama by this designer Suzuki.

It must be difficult to play this Kendama because the ball is oval shape.


The most attractive point of the earphone case”Turn” is user friendly as well as its design or feeling of touch.

This item’s designer, Mikiya Kobayashi, explained many visitors about “Turn” by himself.



As expected, the door chime series have particularly unchanged popularity with women.

The rounded display door increased cuteness of door chime.


We received a lot of exclamation of surprise, when the people experienced attractive sound produced by key ring “Wakka”.

interiorlifestyle TOKYO 2014


Thankfully, we were able to succeed in this trade show, thanks to the cooperation by many people. We really appreciate the project members and visitors.