Timbre Door Chime Series

Timbre's first product is a door chime, ready to welcome you home with a sound system designed to bring relaxation and comfort. “Timbre” chimes when a guest or family member arrives. The door chime plays various roles, but we think “Timbre” helps people to reboot their mind with gentle sounds when they open the door. We would like to give you this special moment, a feeling of relaxation and comfort.

Timbre Door Chime Series


"Timbre" provides a high quality sound. Among the available tones, is that of a bird whose gentle call will bring calm and peace to your door as the bird's tail waves slowly. Why don't you try “Tori” ?

【Designed executively for door】
Size:Approx. W98×H70×D40mm
Weight:Approx. 310g
Material:Body : zinc die-cast Tail : aluminum
Magnet:Neodymium φ15×5mm 2pcs.

Mounting kit : plate for non-ferrous door
(Size:t1×W48×H28mm, Double sided tape, fastening screws)

【White・Yellow・Blue green・Pink・Chrome】

  • Tori(イエロー)Yellow
  • Tori(クローム)Chrome
  • Tori(ホワイト)White
  • Tori(ライトグリーン)Blue green
  • Tori(ピンク)Pink

Method of mounting: magnet
Most doors of Japanese condominiums are made from iron, so that ‘Timbre’ is easy to apply. When your door is made from other materials, please use the attached iron plate.