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Message from the President

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Message from the President

House is like bread and butter in everyone’s life.
Everyday you go home, open and close the door, lock it, then enter into the room. It is your routine so you may feel nothing different everyday, but I think sometimes your feeling changes little, like “Finally I’m home, so relaxable”, dose it? It is just your subtle, casual feeling in a safe and comfortable space.

There is a company who values such feeling.

Our company does our best to prevent any crime which intervenes people’s “safety, security, convenience/comfort”.

The world is always changing and so is the type of key.
A key nowadays can be replaced by a part of your body, in other words you do not need any keys to open the door. I can say that each moment is in the process of evolution.

Shape, type and function still continue to be changed. But the pursuance of “safety, security, convenience/comfort” in our life has never been changed.

We keep trying our best to contribute to the safe, secure, convenient/comfortable society by staying besides you and listening to your feelings from our heart.

Go Forward!

August, 2021

Nihon Lock Service Co., Ltd.


Naohiro Futagami


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