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Development and planning

Business guide

As a trading company of security, we are providing valuable products and services developed by our experience and knowledge.
With the philosophy “to try our best to prevent crimes and make a safe, secure, convenient/comfortable society”, we will carry on developing new products and services which will make your life more comfortable.

Creating valuable products

Development of original brand products

Our original products which make your life safe, secured and comfortable could be used in various types of facilities and industries such as housings and shops and stores.


helps simple and easy security by yourself.



makes your life more convenient and comfortable.


Developing ODM/OEM products

ODM/OEM of industrial lock has been developed and imported to meet customers’ demands.

We are willing to discuss with you from the planning stages, we can make consistent proposals from manufacturing to promotion.

Developing ODM/OEM products

Business support

IT ・ ICT solution

Our systems and services provide such supports:
- purchase management system which helps you get product information, confirm stock/price and place order (24/7 available).
- web designing, developing and operation services

IT ・ ICT solution

Sales promotional tools and novelty goods

To support customers’ business, we are providing a wide varieties of sales promotion tools like product brochures and product collection books corresponding to every season and trend :

Public relations (website / media strategy)

The achievements and reliance fostered over many years as a leading company in security business is our strength,
In order to bridge between the market and customers, we will enlighten the importance of security and crime prevention to society by our marketing strategies.



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