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People interact with each other through work, livelihood and life.
Company or organization is made by people, only people can support it and make it go on. We are well aware of this and believe that each step of us with your support is to lead to your prosperous future.

Since 1971, Nihon Lock Service has been working on sale, installation and maintenance of builder’s hardware and security items. We also have been working on foreign trade (import/ export) and planning of items for the safe, secure, convenient/comfortable society.

The crime prevention industry has changed with times, (such as using electricity, IT, network field) Together with that, we are providing high quality products and services for the crime prevention which can meet the demands of the times.

It is said that the encounter with people is miracle. As a security company, we are lucky to have a strong connection with many people with understanding and trust which urges us to contribute more to the safe, secure, and convenient/comfortable society.


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