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Sales of locks and security goods

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A wide variety of security goods have been sold to customers such as MIWA Lock service representatives(SD shops), locksmiths, trading companies, sash manufacturing/sales companies and hardware shops.
With skilled experience, know-how and procurement capabilities, we will meet a wide range of demands nationwide such as planning, design, sales, construction and after-sales services.


In Kanto, Koushin, Tokai area, Nihon Lock Service is main distributor of MIWA Lock Co. Ltd. who is the largest lock manufacturer in Japan. And also we are a sole distributor of ABUS KG which has over 88 years’ experience in lock manufacturing and which the items are used in over 110 countries worldwide.

Our procurement capability supported by the connection with various suppliers can meet customer's demands.


In-house logistics warehouse in Kawagoe

At our in-house logistics warehouse located in Kawagoe, which is the cornerstone of our logistics, a large number of construction hardware and security goods have been kept in stock so that we can rapidly deliver goods to customers.

Same-day shipment service
(only for orders received before 12:00 PM and if stock available)

  • Total floor area:4,250 ㎡
  • Number of products shipped:25,000 pieces / day
  • Number of customers/suppliers:3,000 companies / year
  • Number of registered products:250,000 items (7,000 items in stock at all times)
In-house logistics warehouse in Kawagoe

To provide "satisfaction" for you

We have been making great efforts to handle every order promptly and accurately so that we can deliver goods to you without delay and mistakes.
Moreover our work performance is frequently checked to improve the quality of logistic service.

Equipment in Logistic Center


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