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To foster the development of lock industry

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To Continue to convey and give our skill to the future

We hold various seminar as necessary for staff and company working in the security industry.

Nihon lock service helps those who aim for a professional of security who can solve customer's problem.

To Continue to convey and give our skill to the future

To foster the development and support for security industry

Nihon lock service provides various business supports to business partners who join "nls network" as a flagship company.
We work with the business partners to promote a safe, secured and comfortable society.

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Combination Bouhan Academy

Combination Bouhan Academy (For short CBA)
This academy is composed of practice and lecture about "Combination Bouhan(Combination security)※1" which is advocated by Nihon Lock Service.
We carry it out by our motto "From locksmith(Technical expert of lock sets) to Security Smith(Technical expert of security)".

The purpose of this lecture is to acquire knowledge and skill for suggesting/proposing appropriate security depending on the scene.

※1 Combination Bouhan
Combination Bouhan (For short CB)
It is the original name based on ”4 principals for security” (Time, Sound, Light, eyes)

Combination Bouhan Academy

Japan Security Smith Association

It is the organization which consists of members of "Security Smith".
Various security problems which customers have and propose the optimum total security to customers are solved by using various devices like security cameras, security sensors, inside security lattices, home security systems, intercoms with camera, safes, lock sets.

Japan Security Smith Association


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