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Intercom security upgrading


Intercom is used at various scenes such as houses, multi family housings, offices, hospitals, and it is necessary to our life with safety, security, convenience.

AIPHONE Intercom renewal partner

Nihon lock service CO.,LTD is "AIPHONE intercom renewal partner" set up by AIPHONE CO., LTD.

To renew intercom, various information and knowledge about the products and systems is necessary, such as to renew from old device to newest device.

To be a business partnership with AIPHONE, we can share various information about product and engineering managed by the manufacturer so that we can provide a consistent service, such as field investigation to suggestion, construction and after-sales support.

AIPHONE Intercom renewal  partner

Our solution

We can propose various and high qualified solutions from the aspect of Crime prevention industry.
We are capable of making environments more safe, secured, and convenient.

Organization, permissions and licenses, and qualified person


  • Japan Intercom Industry Association
  • AIPHONE Techno-engineering (service installation works)

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Permissions and licenses

Qualified person


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