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Non-touch security


A main role of access control system is to manage and control each person's access to a specific area.
To concern about health condition and physical contacts in new-normal period should be necessary.
We propose security system and propose to build workplace to be suitable for the living and residences in new normal era. We have enough knowledge to propose such solution from our long-term achievement by electric lock and access management system solution.

Our non-touch security solution

Build a system which controls even doors opening/closing

Recently, automatic doors and non-touch doors have been more popular in offices due to the needs of barrier-free and new-normal life. To automize both door movement and locking function, complicated circuit structure is needed to control both lock and door.

Nihon lock service develops an interface circuit to control the complicated signals and is able to provide solutions supported by wealth of experiences and achievements.

Solution for face processing and measuring body temperature

Face processing is a certification system that collates registered face data and pictures being certified. By connecting this system with electric lock devices, we do not need key nor card to control and manage entering and leaving,

By combining the face processing function with body temperature measuring function, body temperature of visitors can be measured automatically without touching anything. If the body temperature is over a set value when someone enters, an alarm will inform as an alarm notification, and enter and leave of the person can be controlled even he or she is registered.
This solution is expected as an effective measure against infection risk and is paid attention now.

Solution for face processing and  measuring body temperature

Hands-free and non-touch key system

Door can be unlocked only by walking through near by reader, and ID/non touch key is not needed to be taken out (which are most suitable for condominium's entrance) from your bag.
This system helps when both hands are occupied with luggage's, little child is together, and person with physical handicap needs to access to a security zone.

Such as designing, construction and maintenance, Nihon lock service provides various and high quality services including complicated devices and systems in condominiums and facilities such as entrance system, intercom.

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Hands-free and non-touch key system


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